Songwriter : Louis Tessier

Music for therapeutic relaxation, contemplation and meditation.

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If you want to fell as if you are in an Ashram, use a pair of earphones, of any kind. I suggest that you listen to this melody in bed before falling asleep at night, and upon awakening in the morning, always with your headset. This music will most probably bring you to an extasy of pure love and inner freedom!

For dreamers who use it regularly, this music and divine love song will probably transform your nightdreams and soothe your daily worries! Positive changes will probably occur in your life with this new regular practice! Share this with your friends, colleagues, family!

Content of this original musical piece:

This original musical piece contains breathings that follow the rhythm of the roaring and comings and goings of the sea, followed by the precious HU song (you pronounce hue) with ever moving gregorian voices. Then a feminine soft angel voice in solo third comes in on the surprising sea water lapping caressing your feet.

Always accompanied by gregorian voices, a soft melody played with the violin as if a lullaby makes this love long even more inspiring… They will be followed by the flute and the voices of six women praising, then a pause with the violin accompanying soft breathings, and finally, for the last six minutes, the 72 voices of the choir and a symphony of violins will bring you to paradise, will elevate you into worlds of extasy… divine worlds!!!

BRAVO and a thousand thanks!

I most sincerely want to thank LES VOIX DE L’ÉVEIL choir from Joliette (Quebec, Canada) for their participation to the realisation of this magnificent original piece:


Your composer
Louis Tessier

The Sound HU(you pronounce hue)

What may the sound of HU bring into your life?

It is a divine love song that comes straight from your inner being. The HU song allows the Pure Energy to flow through you! While listening to this melody, imagine the sound HU like a pure and crystalline waterfall that showers you and cleans all your bodies.

Listen to this song until it has become part of your inner sounds. Then you will start hearing the melody of HU. Sometimes, it may come as the sound of waves, of far away bells, of thousand violins, of the blowing wind, of a flute or many other sounds! These sounds may bring you out of the physical world, toward other universes in your inner worlds!

These sounds gradually become a melody of some celestial music. This beauty is so captivating that it moves you into a state of beatitude, a high state of spiritual awareness! The Soul (that you are) falls in love with that divine HU song!

Singing HU brings more strength and vitality to the Soul you are…

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